Photo Credit: kamirao Flickr via Compfight cc

I found the instructions from the online user manual to be pretty easy to follow when it came to sewing a button onto fabric. I only did two button holes instead of 4, as it was just for practice, and I wanted to also try to create button-holes before the learning project is over.

Here is the link to my button sewing video:

But it actually went pretty well! This was a much-needed success after multiple failures. On a side note, I happened to be complaining to my mother about how hard sewing was and how I don’t remember being this bad at it the first time around when I was using her machine. She says “Oh, your grandma’s machine always gave her trouble”.

“Oh, your grandma’s machine always gave her trouble”

Oh. My. Goodness! So my grandmother simply passed this wretched machine onto me without warning! It is pretty horrible! I thought I was just terrible at sewing, well I might be, but the machine is definitely faulty! I am going to continue to tell myself that.

What do you think will be easier, the button or the buttonhole?

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