1 Hour of Code

So I was introduced to coding during my EDTC 300 course where we were asked to do an hour of coding and then blog about it, so here we are. I decided to use the Hour of Code program which was pretty interesting. I chose the Star Wars theme. The first few levels weren’t too hard, but I got pretty stuck on level 7. Luckily there was a tutorial video I was able to watch and it quickly set me straight. Here is a video of me starting my coding experience:

I didn’t record the entire experience, just the beginning, and the end. You can watch the end of my coding experience below:

I really liked how the last level allowed me to create my own game that I can share with others. What a great way to get kids interested in coding. I have linked my game below if you are interested in giving it a shot.

Click here to play.

I also liked how the program provides players with a certificate of completion after they have finished their 1 hour of code. This would help students feel a sense of achievement.

My thoughts on code

I enjoyed the coding experience and found it very rewarding. I think it is important for students to code in order to help them to develop their computational thinking skills and prepare them for future job options in our increasingly digital world.

Coding is also an excellent way for students to learn problem-solving skills. When I was stuck on level 7, I just continued to try different solutions, and when that didn’t work, I looked for another solution (tutorial video). Students are bound to run into problems when they are learning to code and it is a great way for them to develop and become confident in their problem-solving skills (which are an essential skill in life).


Do you think we should be teaching code in the classroom? Why or why not?


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