Cyber Sleuthing Myself

Photo Credit: pierofix Flickr via Compfight cc

For my EDTC 300 course, we were asked to either cyber sleuth a classmate or ourselves. I decided to do myself, starting by searching for myself on Google by using my full name. There really wasn’t a lot of information that comes up. Turns out I am pretty mysterious.

As you can see, one of the first results that show up is information related to my name on the PeakYou website.

Professional (job-related):

After searching the username associated with my name (as listed on the PeakYou website), I was led to my twitter feed. This provides a great deal of information about my professional areas of interest. It also provides a link to my blog address, which shows a little more of my personality.

Biographical (age, birthday, location, appearance, etc.):

PeekYou has my name and city information but has me listed as being 24 years old (wink). It also lists the username I use on a couple of online accounts. Doing a Google search of my username led to more results such as my twitter page and a photo. The same photo used on both my blog and my twitter account. The photo isn’t unprofessional but is pretty casual.

My name also appears on the Old Friends website as being a graduate of Miller Highschool.

Personal (relationships, family, hobbies, activities, likes/dislikes, etc.):

I was able to find a list of my family members from two obituaries that were posted both on  Spears Funeral Chapel website and the Leader Posts obituary page.

Additionally, the names of some of my family members are listed on a link to an individuals family tree.

Outside of that, there was no information on my relationships, hobbies, activities, likes/dislikes, etc.

Where am I on the web? (social networks, job profiles, etc).

I show up on the Google search results page as friends of a couple of people on Facebook, but I deactivated my Facebook account long ago, so my information isn’t accessible there. As mentioned above, my Twitter page also showed up after searching by the username provided on PeakYou.

Based on my digital footprint, what are my overall impressions of myself?

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds Flickr via Compfight cc

Based on my digital footprint, do I appear to be trustworthy, hirable or friend worthy? Why or why not?

I think that information about me is difficult to find unless someone is actually willing to take the time to search for me using the username listed on PeakYou.

Assuming few people would be willing to do that, I would say that based on my digital footprint, it would be hard for a person to get a feel of who I am as a person and be able to trust me, hire me or be my friend.

Am I an oversharer or undersharer? Why or why not?

I would classify myself as an undersharer. I have shared very little information about my personal life. I have shared quite a bit surrounding my professional life and would consider myself an ‘average’ sharer in that respect.

What do you need to change to improve your digital footprint?

I think that I need to connect my twitter and blog accounts to my full name so that potential future employers are able to find me a learn a little bit about me from my online presence.  I definitely need to get around to having a professional photo taken. Lastly, I think I need to share a little more about my personal interests and hobbies so that my digital identity provides a clear and accurate picture of who I am.


Try cyber sleuthing yourself and reflect on what your digital footprint says about you. I would love to hear about what you discover!








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