Needles and Bobbins and Thread, Oh My!

Threading the Machine

It took a few tries, but I can now thread my sewing machine! I never would have figured it out without the sewing machine manual I found online. Here is a video of my having a go at it. 

Another helpful resource was a YouTube tutorial for threading a Kenmore machine The sewing machine used in the tutorial isn’t the same model as mine, but it is very similar. Seeing the machine threaded both in the form of a diagrams (offered in the online user manual) in addition to a demonstration via video really helped me learn how to do it myself. The trickiest part is that it is difficult to see all of the small components being referred to in the threading diagrams, so it took some trial and error on my part, but I figured it out eventually.

Threading the Bobbin 

Photo Credit: Stefan Leijon Flickr via Compfight cc

Next I learned how to thread a bobbin. Again, I found it most helpful to learn from two sources, the online user manual and video tutorials. Figuring out how to do this would have been far more difficult if I only had one or the other. Here is a video of me having a go at it:

Bringing Up the Bobbin Thread

Okay, this was the most difficult step for me. I tried this at least 10 times before getting it to work. The thread kept getting built-up and tangled in the bobbin housing and I eventually ended up breaking a needle. I figured out what I was doing wrong after I consulted the manual. It turns out you are supposed to hold the top thread gently in front of the needle while lowering the needle. I hadn’t been doing this. Here is a video of me having a go at it.

I kept breaking the needle and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why? Any experienced sewers out there that have any ideas, I would love the advice.

After getting the machine all ready to sew I had to do a little practising. The first stitches didn’t come out right, they were all tangled and bunched together. I am not sure what I did wrong. I re-threaded the machine and the stitching came out much better. You can see the result at the end of this video.

Next Steps

Now I need to learn more about the different fabrics and stitches, thread, and needles appropriate for each. Hope you check back next week for updates on my learning project. Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Needles and Bobbins and Thread, Oh My!

    • I also have a huge folder with all of the cool sewing projects I want to try. I hope I get around to it. It is coming along, but I am learning that it takes patience.


  1. Hello Meagan! I am excited to see what you all create! I would like to get into sewing as well, there are a few things I would like to make for some family members, however I am too broke to buy a machine and fabric. Hopefully in the future I can buy materials and a machine!

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    • It is exciting to imagine having some control over what you wear. I also found super cool ways to upcycle old clothing by typing just that -‘upcycle clothing’ into Google. This would be a budget friendly way of realizing your sewing dreams (after you get the machine). Looking forward to your next make-up post!😊

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  2. I found when I was learning how to sew, threading the needle and the bobbin was always the hardest part of the whole project! Now that you got that step handled the rest will be a breeze! Excited to see what your final outcome is!

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