Teacher Shirts

To Ukulele or Not to Ukulele

I was set on learning how to play the Ukulele for my personal learning project for my EDTC 300 Course.

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In fact, I ordered one on Amazon and as I write this post my little blue Ukulele is in the back of a truck on the way to my house. So how did I stray from the path of plucking away at a stringed instrument? It all started with a shirt, a super cute, cold shoulder, black shirt to be exact. The most important detail being that the shirt was the PERFECT length. This is important. When you are teaching, you are bending and reaching, and depending on your enthusiasm, maybe even twirling and jumping. Although we want our students to know many things, they do not need to know the colour of our underpants.  I digress, back to the shirt, that is . . . my inspiration. Yesterday my sister came over wearing a shirt that I LOVED. What made this shirt so special in an age of crop tops was . . . you guessed it, the length. Crop tops being all the rage these days makes it tough to find a shirt that you can do the things teachers need to do while keeping the colour of your knickers top secret.

What is the perfect length you ask? For me, it is a shirt that falls just below the hip. As mentioned earlier, the the crop top trend has made shirts this long tough to find. However, when I go shopping I see so many dresses and think, ‘if only they were a little shorter, they would make the perfect teacher shirt’.

Okay, so to the point! After further investigation, I learned that my sister’s shirt (the one I envied) was originally a dress, which she altered herself and voila – one perfect teacher shirt! This made me think about the sewing machine my grandmother handed down to me that has been collecting dust in my closet for the past four years. If only I had the power to use this mysterious machine I could buy all of the dresses that were destined to be teacher shirts and transform my wardrobe MUAHAHAHA. Goodbye Ukulele, hello learning to use my dusty sewing machine!!

How about you? What do you feel most comfortable teaching in?

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I have used a sewing machine before, however it was approximately 13 years ago. I went on a sewing kick one summer when I went up to visit my sister who was stationed in a remote area of North Saskatchewan. I thought sewing would be a great way to keep myself busy in a place with little else to do. I made a shirt, a skirt and a dress. It was the first and last time I used a sewing machine. In other words, I am starting from scratch as the old adage goes if you don’t use it you loose it. I have some basic knowledge of what has to be done but do not remember how to do it. For example, I know that you need to thread the machine and thread the bobbin, but can’t recall for the life of me how to do this. I do have a basic knowledge of sewing and alteration terminology which should be helpful.

Plan of Attack

Step 1: Learn how to use my sewing machine:

  • Search online for a manual or find videos on YouTube that outline how to use the make and model of my sewing machine. I need to figure out how to thread the machine and how to thread a bobbin as the first steps.

Step 2: Stitches and needles

  • The next step in my master learning plan is to learn more about what size of needle is to be used with different types of material. Furthermore, I will search online for information about different kinds of stitches to use for making alterations.

Step 3: Practice and make mistakes

  • I will practice my new found knowledge and skills on scrap material and old clothing to make sure I have the hang of it before I attempt to alter clothing that I plan to wear in the future.

Step 4: How to Make Alterations

  • I will look online to learn about the different types of alterations that I would find useful such as taking in clothing at the side and back seams, creating darts, and hemming.
  • I own several shirts that could use some tailoring so I will start there and begin to make alterations so that they are the perfect fit.
  • Lastly, I will buy a dress that was destined to be a shirt and and hem it.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Shirts

  1. You sound very committed to achieving the perfect teacher shirt. I think it is great that you have decided to re-learn how to sew and to use what you have access to, your grandmother’s sewing machine. Your plan of attack seems well thought out. Best of luck!

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